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About Our Reports Services

Are you sure you’ve found the right property?

We can help you decide!

Knowing vital property-specific and local area information about somewhere you’re set to call ‘home’ is too often overlooked. A property report helps you form a rounded opinion on the suitability of a specific property you may be considering.

However much you love a property, the surrounding area has a significant bearing on how enjoyable it is to live somewhere. 

Our service is designed to support our clients in as many ways as possible, we are more than just an Inventory Supplier, we are a compliance partner providing multiple services.

Streets of London


We produce professional industry standard reports. Our reports help you mitigate circumstances and in turn protecting your investment.




We are committed to producing HHSRS reports ensuring properties are done so in line with section 9 of the housing act 2004 providing a safe and healthy environment free from the potential 29 recognised hazards for any potential occupier or visitors.


Residential EPC's Reports


We provide EPC’s to homeowners and landlords. Our highly qualified domestic energy assessors gather important information on your property’s energy efficiency levels in line with the minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES).


Valuation Reports


A property valuation will help you set the value of your home and is something that both buyers and sellers will need throughout the moving home process. 

Here we list the different types of property valuation: Valuation Report, Mortgage Valuation, Estate Agent Valuation


Residential Survey Reports


We provide professional and comprehensive home condition surveys. These reports (HCR) are statutory and based on section B4 of the housing act 2004 however not mandatory since 2007. They are highly recommended prior to purchase which could save £1000’s.

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