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Landlord Referral

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About Guaranteed Rent London, Essex and Kent

87 Property Services is the official provider of guaranteed rent schemes in London. With us, you can guarantee you receive a rental income for your properties regardless of their occupancy status. Over the last decade, we have worked with a huge number of landlords and property investors, delivering the highest standard of service possible. We can be relied upon to always look after your interests and do what is best for your property.

Landlord Referral Scheme

As our way of saying thanks, we will pay £200 as a referral every time a property is successfully let/rented through 87 Properties where the landlord is directly referred to us (via the above / below referral form).

This offer applies to tenants too. If you know a landlord with lettings in Greater London especially South London we’d love you to refer them to us.

Terms and Conditions: 


  • The landlord MUST be a new landlord to 87 Property Services, who have not rented a property through us previously.

  • The tenancy MUST be a new tenancy and not a tenancy renewal or extension of an existing tenancy.

  • The referral fee will apply to the first property and tenancy agreed and let through 87 Property Services. No further referral credits will be applied for the same landlord, property, new tenancies, tenancy extensions/renewals or any other variation thereafter.

  • The person making the referral confirms that they have sought the consent of the landlord prior to making the referral to 87 Property Services and that the landlord being referred will be expecting communication from / with 87 Property Services. Should this not be the case the person making the referral accepts and agrees to re-imburse any personal and financial liability / loss incurred by 87 Property Services .

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Landlord Referral Scheme

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