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Rental Guarantee

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About Guaranteed Rent South London

87 Property Services is the official provider of guaranteed rent schemes in London. With us, you can guarantee you receive a rental income for your properties regardless of their occupancy status. Over the last decade, we have worked with a huge number of landlords and property investors, delivering the highest standard of service possible. We can be relied upon to always look after your interests and do what is best for your property.

Why choose 87 Property Services
1 to 5 Year Lease

Your property will be 100% managed for the whole period. You will not have to worry about finding tenants or leaving your property unoccupied.

0% Commission

Our leasing service is absolutely free. The rent agreed is the rent you are paid.

Legal Expenses and Eviction Costs

At 87 Property Services will take care of legal expenses, eviction costs including arrears. We offer peace of mind for the landlord - they don't have to go through lengthy eviction processes.

Prompt Rental Payments On Time Every Month

87 Property Services will pay your rent on the same day every month via an automated BACS payment system directly into your nominated bank account. No late payments or worrying if the Tenant will pay on time.

Guaranteed Rent for 365 days of the year

Whether your property is occupied or vacant - you get paid, no rent breaks, no rent stops, ensuring great rental yields.

No Utility Bills or Council Tax

You are not responsible for paying any utility bills or council tax.

Regular Monthly Inspections

At 87 Property Services will carry out monthly inspections at your property, and forward a copy of the report to you, to ensure that your property remains at a high standard.

Let Your Property

Whether you are a new landlord, accidental landlord or experienced landlord with a large portfolio.

Our track record, experience and local knowledge put us in the perfect position to achieve the best possible price for your property in the most suitable timeframe.

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