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Below Market Value 

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Below Market Value properties
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The Home of Below Market Value Property

If you want access to below market value properties and off market investment opportunities, whether it’s your first investment property or you’re looking to grow your existing portfolio, you’ve come to the right place.

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1. Sign Up to Receive Deals

Finding below market value deals can be tough. Signing up as a registered investor means you receive deals straight to your inbox.


Following this, we will give you a free consultation call to better understand your goals.

2. Secure a Property

BMV deals are sent out by geographic area, so you only receive the deals you want.


When you see a property you’re interested in, get in touch to reserve the property! Click the link, call or respond to the email. Make sure you get in touch quickly as many of our deals are in high demand.

3. Sale Progression & Completion

We have one goal in life- to get your property through completion!


Many BMV deals need to be completed quickly, and we help facilitate this to help our vendors and buyers alike.

Why NOW is time to invest in Property

  • Property continues to outperform other asset classes

  • Rents are hitting record highs

  • “Don’t wait to buy property, buy the property and wait” – buying property NOW means the powerful effects of compounding can kick in sooner, making your money work hard for you

  • Borrowing is at a record low

  • Savings rates continue to be at a record low-nearly hitting NEGATIVE rates

  • On market property deals are going for higher prices, off market deals are THE place to secure a property

Business Meeting

How We Work

Over the last 10 years we have helped hundreds of investors grow their portfolio by purchasing off market properties through We Sell BMV.
Whether you’re just getting started, or an established landlord, we offer off market properties across England & Wales.
Watch our video or see below to learn how we work to bring you BMV deals.

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